Quality Assurance Subcommittee | Subcommitee Officer Responsibility Description

Compendium of Subcommittee Status

Section 10: Subcommitee Officer Responsibility Description

The ISM-RIF-QAS Charter provides for three offices. The titles of these offices are identified below and a responsibility description for each appears immediately following.

1. Chair
2. Vice-Chair
3. Secretary

Term of Service

Term of service normally runs from October through September of the following year.

The Vice-Chair will move up to Chair and the Secretary will move up to Vice-Chair. Elections are held at the October meeting for a new Secretary. This succession procedure was approved at the 10/18/90 meeting of the NAPR-RIF-QAS.

Responsibility Description: Chair, ISM-RIF-QAS

Overall Objective

The primary objective of the Chair, QAS shall be to lead the Subcommittee to achieve the goals and objectives identified by the ISM-RIF; to execute the liaison function between the QAS and the ISM-RIF; and to preside over all meetings of the ISM-RIF-QAS.
  1. To preside over all ISM-RIF-QAS meetings, directing the discussion so as to resolve problems and to achieve the goals of the Subcommittee.
  2. To provide the necessary communication from the Subcommittee to the ISM-RIF and from the ISM-RIF to the Subcommittee as required to assure progress in the attainment of assigned goals.
  3. To prepare Subcommittee announcements.
  4. To prepare and deliver or delegate the delivery of the QAS annual report to the ISM-RIF at the annual International Purchasing Conference.
  5. To schedule and notify all members of the QAS when it is necessary to schedule a special Subcommittee meeting.
  6. To respond to any questions or recommendations initiated by the supplier community.

Responsibility Description: Vice-Chair, ISM-RIF-QAS

Overall Objective
The primary objective of the Vice-Chair is to be prepared to assume the duties of the Chair in the event the Chair is unable to serve a complete one year term; and to, as an ex-officio member of every permanently established Working Group and any ad hoc Group, remain in contact with respective Working Group Chair and communicate problems and progress to the QAS Chair.
  1. In the absence of the Chair preside over Subcommittee Meetings.
  2. To participate as an ex-officio member of all QAS Working or ad hoc Groups.
  3. To satisfy the liaison function between the Chair of the QAS and the Working and ad hoc Groups so as to communicate problems or the progress toward achieving assigned objectives.
  4. To contact ISM-RIF affiliated companies so as to maintain the membership of the Subcommittee.
  5. To arrange for special events which present relevant material to the Subcommittee.

Responsibility Description: Secretary, ISM-RIF-QAS

Overall Objective
The primary objective of the Secretary shall be recording the minutes of all Subcommittee meetings, preparing the minutes and distributing the minutes to all Subcommittee members and the RIF Steering Committee of ISM-RIF with all documentation submitted or reviewed during the meeting; and to prepare meeting agendas and communicate the agendas along with arrangements for all meetings to the Subcommittee membership.
  1. To prepare accurate minutes of all QAS meetings, arrange for legal review and to distribute the minutes to all members and the ISM-RIF Steering Committee.
  2. To prepare an agenda and communicate meeting arrangements along with the agenda to all members of the Subcommittee.
  3. Distribute all documents developed by the Subcommittee.
  4. Prepare such other correspondence or documentation as may be assigned by the Chair, QAS.
  5. Maintain an exclusive file, independent of the minutes, of all motions that are voted upon during all QAS meetings.
  6. To communicate to the QAS membership the necessity of conducting a special meeting as assigned by the Chair.