Quality Assurance Subcommittee | Program Information/Implementation

Compendium of Subcommittee Status

Section 4: Program Information/Implementation

Clearing House Legality
Although the information/implementation procedure coupled with the recommended Quality Standard and Auditor Accreditation Procedures will stand alone as an effective Supplier Quality Assurance Program, its development was limited by legal restraints perceived by the ISM to be relevant to the program. However, other industries; automotive, aeronautical, nuclear, etc. have breached legal limitations and utilize a “Clearing House” scenario that is thought to be a violation of anti-trust legislation in ISM legal interpretations, the QAS recommends that the Executive Committee conduct further study in “Clearing House” legality.

The present QAS program will stand alone. However, it has been developed in a manner that can be adapted to a future “Clearing House” type of program should research determine this direction feasible.

AAR M-1003 as a Clearing House
It is further recommended that the Executive Committee review and provide subsequent direction as to the feasibility of utilizing the AAR M-1003 as the Clearing House described above.

Recent input from AAR representation indicates that the AAR Group would review a formal proposal for the development of a program in conjunction with the ISM-RIF in regard to controlling suppliers on non-interchange items. However, Executive Committee direction must be received before the QAS can develop such a proposal.