Quality Assurance Subcommittee | Announcement & Publications to Date

Compendium of Subcommittee Status

Section 5: Announcement & Publications to Date

Below is a copy of the official announcement to the public concerning the QAS. It has been reviewed by legal council.

Institute for Supply Management
Rail Industry Forum Quality System Standards Subcommittee 

In response to the on-going interest in maintaining quality standards for materials and services supplied to the railroad industry, we announce the formation of the Quality System Standards Subcommittee.

The object of this new committee, which is made up of quality and purchasing officers of major U.S. and Canadian Railroad Companies, is to provide a set of uniform, professionally established and published quality system audit standards. These standards are for the use of member railroads in assessing suppliers’ quality assurance programs, thereby aiding suppliers in continuously improving the quality of their products to meet railroad industry standards.

The Committee has adopted the AAR M-1003 (Chapter 2) Quality Assurance Program requirements as the basis for the ISM-RIF Quality System Standards.

It is not the intention of this Committee to duplicate or in any way encroach upon existing or planned programs of other bodies such as AAR or AREA. Rather, the Committee efforts will expand upon or supplement those programs to include a wider variety of materials not already covered, in order to meet the recognized needs of individual member railroads and their suppliers. The support and assistance of railroad and supply industry organizations is welcomed in these endeavors.

Recent Publications
January, 1992 “Railway Age”, Rail Update, Purchasing Group Will Establish Quality System Audit Standards.

March, 1992 “Railway Track & Structures”, Point of View, A Good Move On “Quality”.