Quality Assurance Subcommittee | Charter

Compendium of Subcommittee Status

Section 3: Charter

The ISM-RIF-QAS Charter has been reviewed and approved by legal council. On May 8th 1990, a motion was made to accept the Charter. The motion carried and the approved draft was submitted for Executive Committee review. (A copy of the document appears beginning on the next page.)

Charter for the ISM Rail Industry Forum Quality System Standards Subcommittee

I. Definition
“Rail Industry” as used in the Charter is defined as railroads, railroad suppliers and other interested parties.
II. Purpose
The Subcommittee shall formulate, adopt or recommend standards for the assessment of the quality processes of suppliers within the railroad industry. It will provide a means for the exchange of information in an effort to assist the suppliers and the railroads to continuously improve the quality of products and services used by the railroad industry. The quality assessment standards are intended to achieve consistency, objectivity and efficiency in determining the quality processes of suppliers. The goal is to ensure that all railroad suppliers have a quality assurance program that enhances the suppliers’ operations and their stature with their rail customers.
III. Scope
The Quality System Standards Subcommittee shall:

  • Formulate, adopt or recommend Quality Standards and Auditor Accreditation Criteria that meet the highest objectives of quality assurance and that are clear, fair and consistent.
  • Establish a method to recognize quality compliance of suppliers.
  • Establish a method for the publication of Rail Industry Forum Quality Standards.
  • Establish a program for assisting suppliers to attain the standards set by the Subcommittee.
IV. Membership
All member companies of the Rail Industry Forum of the ISM can be represented on the Subcommittee by sending a delegate to the Subcommittee meetings. More than one individual per company may attend meetings. However, each company is allowed only one vote and must have a company representative present to vote.Rail Industry Forum member companies are encouraged to send individuals with a sound background in purchasing and material functions and with a good knowledge of the quality process.
V. Officers
There will be a chairman, vice-chairman and secretary. Each officer will be elected for a term of one year.The chairman will preside at all Subcommittee meetings. The chair will also be responsible for updating the Rail Industry Forum Executive Committee on the work of the Subcommittee, for preparing meeting announcements which will be mailed to all Rail Industry Forum members, and for representing or designating the Subcommittee representative to the Rail Industry Forum (RIF).The vice-chairman will preside over Subcommittee meetings in the absence of the Chairman. He or she will also be responsible for contacting Rail Industry Forum companies in order to maintain the membership of the Subcommittee. The vice-chairman will be responsible for arranging for special events, which present relevant material to the Subcommittee.

The secretary will be responsible for recording the minutes of each meeting. Minutes will be mailed by the secretary to the Rail Industry Forum Steering Committee and to all registered Subcommittee members and other attendees. The secretary will also prepare and mail out to all Rail Industry Forum members any documents developed by the Subcommittee.

VI. Meetings
Meetings will be held at least twice each year. More frequent meetings will be held when projects require it, as agreed upon by the Subcommittee. Meeting announcements, including a proposed agenda, will be mailed to all members four weeks prior to the meeting.Special meetings may be called by the Chairman.
VII. Procedures
A. The Chairman shall assure that the Subcommittee will be represented at each RIF meeting. Should more than one member attend, the chairman will designate the liaison member. Each attendee will be expected to prepare a written or oral report of the meeting for review by the entire Subcommittee.B. Revisions to Quality Standards. A subcommittee member may recommend a revision to the Quality Standards by writing to the chairman. The chairman shall advise the member when he may bring the recommended revision to the Subcommittee for discussion.C. Roberts Rules of Order. Roberts Rules of Order will be followed, with majority vote of those delegates in attendance needed for approval of all motions.

D. The minutes of each meeting will be kept. A copy of the minutes will be provided to each company represented at the meeting and each Subcommittee member.