Packaging Standards

Packaging Standard for:


Number: STA-3
Dimensions (inches)
Height: 27.75  Width: 36  Length: 36
Std. Qty. 40
Gross Weight (LBS): 955
Date: 6/2016


All stabilizer bodies are individually bagged. The first layer is placed on its side on the deck of the pallet. The two outer rows face inward with their bases oriented outward while the two inner rows are offset and face in opposite directions. There are four rows of five pieces per row for a total of 20 per layer. A corrugated separator is placed on top of the first layer to which the second layer of stabilizer bodies is applied. The second layer of stabilizer bodies is configured in the exact same manner as the first for a package total of 40. A second corrugated separator is placed over the second layer of stabilizer bodies so that six rows of body springs laid on their sides may be added to the package. Six rows contain six springs each and four additional springs are placed on top for a total of 40.
Pallet: PAL-12
Crate: CRA-4 or equivalent Bag: BAG-2