Packaging Standards

Packaging Standard for:


Number: PLA-92
Dimensions (inches)
Height: 18  Width: 48  Length: 48
Std. Qty. 120
Gross Weight (LBS): 3060
Date: 6/2016


Stack ten tie plates in each of 12 bundles in alternating fashion, one row up and the other down. The plates are contained on the pallet with two .25″ plywood boards placed on edge at the end of the pallet. Four 2.5″ x .5″ boards, two per end are used to stiffen the plywood. Two 1.25″ non-metallic bands are placed around the bundle of plates over the plywood boards. Three 2.5″ x .5″ x 48″ boards are placed over and perpendicular to the first two non-metallic bands. A 1.25″ non-metallic band is then placed over each board to secure the plates to the pallet transversely for a total of three bands.
Pallet: PAL-3 or PAL-6