Packaging Standards

Packaging Standard for:


Number: BOX-9
Dimensions (inches)
Height: 19  Width: 42  Length: 48
Std. Qty. N/A
Gross Weight (LBS): 48
Date: 6/2016


Pallet Specifications:
1. Top deck end boards are 1″ x 6″. The other six top deck boards are 1″ x 4″.
2. All bottom deck boards are 1.125″ x 6″ and extend a maximum of .75″ beyond runners at sides and ends.
3. Runners are a minimum 1.5″ x 3.5″ (rough cut).
4. All lumber must be Group #4 hardwood.
5. Must be assembled with screw nails
Box Specifications:
1. All boards for sides, ends and cleats are 1″ x 4″.
2. Three horizontal boards make up the sides and ends. Vertical boards rest on extended bottom deck boards.
3. All lumber must be Group #4 hardwood.
4. Vertical boards must be nailed to runners.
5. Strap horizontally at top and middle with two .75″ non-metallic bands.